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Your Horoscope for Valentine’s Day

What’s in the stars for you on Valentine’s Day? Find out here!

It’s no secret that you value your BFFs big time. This could be the year for you, being your quirky self, to initiate a “friends Valentines” for your crew to share the love in a friendly way. A group brunch or fun outing, like bowling, would be the perfect afternoon activity for everyone! If you do want to spend some alone time with a certain someone, you will have your chance after mid-day when the moon slides into your zone of privacy. Drowning out the world around you, a bubble bath for two and a movie marathon in bed are the perfect Valentine’s Day evening activities.

You may end up mixing business with pleasure this Valentine’s Day, at least for the early part of the day. A love interest could also be a potential work ally, or you could be crushing the new intern. You’ll be glad in the long run if you keep things professional for now! But by mid-day, the moon moves into luxury-loving Capricorn, and you will get back to focusing on your own needs and desires. A quiet dinner a deux at one of the more upscale restaurants in your hood would be ideal. And if your friends are around after dinner, you will enjoy rounding up the whole gang for late-night drinks.

This could be one of your most fun Valentine’s to date! The day starts off with the moon in adventurous Sagittarius, and undoubtedly a surprise is in store. Go with the flow if your BF wants to take do something random. You can maximize your fun by getting sporty, heading out for a hike, or having some playful competition. Mid-day, the moon moves into luxe Capricorn and you will want a more traditional evening out. Getting dressed up and heading to a play, fabulous restaurant, or chic event will keep a big smile on your face and win him lots of brownie points.

Plenty of sexiness and adventure are in the air for you this Valentine’s Day! The day starts off with the moon in wild Sagittarius in your zone of sex and intimacy. This is a sizzling part of your chart, so the first half of your day could be taken up by a nonstop marathon between the sheets. By mid-afternoon, the moon moves into Capricorn and you will be ready to come up for air and do something in the great outdoors. A nice long walk together would be ideal. But take a new route and try something new. An exotic foreign restaurant for dinner will keep up the spiciness.

This is a very romantic Valentine’s Day for you, Gemini. The moon is in your zone of partnership and marriage during the early part of the day, making peace and companionship very enjoyable indeed. If you are rolling solo today, this is a perfect time to meet a special someone (Bonus: You will have the best anniversary ever). Show your considerate side, and aim for planning things you know your BF will enjoy. The moon slides into your eighth house of sex and intimacy mid-day, and tonight will be all about bonding between the sheets. Let yourself get wild!

This is a very promising Valentine’s for you, Cancer. It’s all about doing the little things and being considerate of your BF. The day starts out with the moon in your zone of daily routine, so whipping up your guy’s favorite breakfast and pampering him will bond you even closer. Aim for some time outdoors too; a healthy start to the day will make evening indulgences even sweeter. The moon slides into your opposite sign of Capricorn midday, and this is when the romance really heats up. Flowers, chocolate, candlelight … you are in the mood for all the cliches, so just go for it! You two will have so much cheesy fun.

This will be a fun Valentine’s for you, Leo! The day starts out with the moon in adventurous Sagittarius, lighting up your house of fun, games, and creativity. There is no doubt you are one of the most creative people out there and will be able to put your skills to good use to make sure this is a fun and playful day for both you and your BF. During the afternoon, the moon moves into luxe Capricorn, and your focus will shift to quality over quantity. A thoughtful gesture will go a long way now. Whipping up a delicious healthy dinner or helping him with a work project will win you major points.

This is a dream Valentine’s Day for you, Virgo! During the beginning of the day, the moon is transiting your fourth house of home and family. You will be all about a lazy sexy morning in bed. Indulge each other and just enjoy your downtime. If you have been wanting to open up your heart a little more and confide in him, this will bring you even closer. But by evening, the moon will be in your fifth house of fun, games, and romance. This is the perfect combo for an over-the-top night out spoiling each other! Pull out all the stops, hit the town, and dance the night away.

Valentine’s Day has just the right mix of festive and private time for you, Libra. The moon is in active Sagittarius for the first half of the day, and you will be in the mood to be out and about. Round up your friends and hit one of your favorite brunch spots, so you can all enjoy a little together time. You may even be in the mood to head to a movie or party with the whole crew in the afternoon. But evening is reserved for just you and your love. With the moon in your zone of home and family, you will want to stay out of the riff-raff and enjoy some pampering QT at home.

This Valentine’s Day will be a festive and fun one for you, Scorpio! You have been so busy at work recently; now it’s time to pamper yourself and your love. You may be in the mood to splurge a little bit Saturday morning – did someone say chocolate chip pancakes in bed?! Or a surprise trip to the spa for his and hers massages. Time outside could also put a smile on both of your faces, so a bike ride will help you work off any extra calories. But there is also a social aspect to tonight, so after a cozy dinner, you may want to round up the crew and make it a fun group night out.

You are in high spirits this Valentine’s Day! With the moon in your sign for the early part of the day, you will be filled with energy and charm. Heading out for a brunch adventure at one of your favorite spots will help this feel like your day. But truth be told, by the time the moon slides into Capricorn mid-day, you could very well feel like listening to music and having cocktails in bed. You will relish indulging and enjoying your favorite things with minimal fuss, so drop heavy hints to your amour that a wild surprise would be better saved for another day.







[via Cosmopolitan]

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