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Top 10: Summer Date Ideas

Here are 10 perfect summer date ideas to do with your loved one!

10. Yard/Estate Sales

 Summer Date Ideas
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With summer temperatures soaring, there’s no better way to beat the heat than getting up and starting your day early. Yard and estate sales typically start before 9 a.m., so get there right when they begin before all the good stuff’s gone (if there ever was any). Rummaging through someone else’s stuff may seem strange at first, but you’ll likely find all sorts of items to laugh about together or something that brings up a special memory. And, you never know, you might find something great for your home at an incredible bargain. What’s more romantic than saving money?

9. Have a Picnic

Summer Date Ideas


Dining al fresco is a favorite warm-weather pastime, but eating out at a restaurant can be expensive. It’s also kind of blase and thoughtless in terms of creativity, really. For something a little different, grab a basket or a cooler and get as creative as your imagination and culinary skills allow. You could prepare something in advance, or simply toss in a good baguette, artisanal cheese, quality deli meat and maybe some fruit, and treat her to a meal in a local park, field or your own backyard. Don’t forget the most important part of any picnic — plenty of chilled rose wine.

8. Go to the Beach

Summer Date Ideas

Lying on the sand in silence does not a good date make, so surprise her by punching things up a little to make the afternoon more fun (and interactive). Paddle tennis, a Frisbee and Wiffle ball will give you plenty of fun activities to break up the time between dips in the water and catching rays on land. Plus, something as simple as a portable radio (or iPod or whatever the kids are using) can really change the mood and make for a more fun atmosphere. Pack a cooler with snacks and lots of cold light beer to round out your day on the water. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

7. Go Boating

Summer Date Ideas

If you live anywhere near a body of water, chances are you know someone with a boat (or have one yourself). Do whatever you have to do to convince your buddy to gas it up, and get out there on the open water. Bring a couple of fishing rods and bait (or lures, or whatever’s appropriate for your particular body of water) and spend a lazy day drinking beers and bobbing along withe the waves. Who knows — you might even catch dinner. If things get too hot, you can always hop off the back for a dip. For the more adventurous, tubing and water skiing are fine options, provided you have a powerful enough boat and plenty of space.

6. Go to an outdoor movie

Summer Date Ideas

Movies are everyone’s kind of “last resort” date option, but summer is when the big, exciting blockbusters come out. Give yourself a break and get out of the heat by taking in a matinee instead of the standard Friday night appointment. For something a little different, check your local paper for public outdoor screenings of classic movies. Lots of metropolitan areas do it, and all you usually need are a blanket and a snack.

5. Go Berry Picking

Summer Date Ideas

Everyone loves fresh fruit, and there’s no better way to get it than straight from the source. Berries are a summer fruit, and chances are you have a farm within driving distance that will allow you to pick berries and pay for them by the pound. Grab a basket, and then head home and see what you can do with them. Maybe bake a homemade pie or cobbler, or simply enjoy them on their own. Frozen berries make for great “ice cubes” in wine, champagne and cocktails.

4. Go To The State Fair

Summer Date Ideas

The state fair is great for so many reasons — the gluttonous food oddities, the corny-but-yeah-OK-kind-of-scary haunted houses, and terrifying rides that look like they’ll break at any second. Best of all, it only comes once a year and now is usually the time. Going together is likely to bring back childhood memories, and that’s always (well, almost always) a good thing. Split a deep-fried pizza (or whatever they’re doing), play some rigged carnival games and enjoy an evening together on the midway.

3. Visit a Food Festival

Summer Date Ideas

Jeremy Keith / flickr

Sometimes you have a hankerin’ for something in particular, but other times you just want to try all of the foods. Well, that’s what food festivals were tailor-made for. Bring your lady friend and spend an afternoon hopping from booth to booth, sampling what your local vendors have to offer. Sometimes they’re broken up by cuisines/regional styles, and other times there’s an overall theme (like barbecue or Southern food). Either way, you’ll have a great time together tasting new things and comparing notes.

2. Take in a Baseball Game

Summer Date Ideas

Sarah Nichols / flickr

There is no better spectator sport for men and women of all ages than watching baseball. Even people who aren’t sports fans have at least a fundamental grasp of how the game is played, and it’s not the kind of sport that requires your constant, unwavering attention. Compared to an NFL, NBA or NHL event, tickets to a baseball game are a steal, and if you’re looking for something to do, I can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. Even if you don’t live near a MLB team, odds are there’s a minor league team somewhere nearby. The Potomac Nationals (farm team to the Washington Nationals) near me advertise $1 hotdogs and $2 beers. Um, yes, please.

1. Go Wine Tasting

Summer Date Ideas

If there’s a better place to spend a summer day than the ballpark, it’s a winery. Sitting among the vineyards and sampling a winery’s latest is not only not as highfalutin as it sounds, but it can be downright cheap. Tastings at most wineries are under $10, and some are even free. If you’re not familiar with wine or don’t consider yourself a fan, take a tour of the winery. Once you learn more about how it’s made, chances are you will. Taste, discuss and maybe even buy a bottle to enjoy back home or on the premises. Plus, vineyards offer a beautiful landscape and can be quite romantic — the perfect scenery to express your cheesy summer love.







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