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The Power of Attraction

Couples Beach

Is there a type of person for everyone? Do we all have someone we were meant to be with? Or are we governed by a physical attraction to a certain type of person? Is attraction something we feel physically or mentally at first?
Like the film fatal attraction starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, the power of attraction can prove importunate at times. At times the attraction we may feel towards someone, can be so overwhelming, we are often caught up in the passion of it all. The film if anything, proves that being attracted to someone can become so intense, you lose a part of yourself (or in Glenn Close’s case, she dies).

There can be no argument, to say that we are each individually attracted to a certain ‘type’ of person as we each have our own interests.
Focusing on 3 celebrity couples, we’ll look at how attraction affects different people and the negative consequences of being attracted to some one who is so wrong for you.

When news of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating first broke, everyone jumped on the band wagon to support the relationship. She was a Disney princess and he was the Canadian crooner, breaking every tween girl’s heart with his sweet vocals. It started in 2011, with them becoming friends to eventually vacationing together in St. Lucia to a fully fledged official relationship. Then at the end of 2012 they breakup because of his infidelity, which then is the inspiration for a number of each singer’s hits. They re-unite in 2013 but for a very brief time. From the time period of 2013 to 2016, there was been so much drama and bad publicity surrounding the two, it can best be summarised as a roller coaster of emotions. Now that they have officially rekindled their relationship, after Justin Bieber reached out to Selena Gomez hearing about her kidney transplant, we don’t know what’s going to happen next.

selena and gomez

She knowingly goes back to an unhealthy situation, just because she’s so enamoured by him and the fact that she has never experienced a love like his.
They were each other’s first loves. She has ended so many friendships just because she’s with him or choses every time to be with him. The consequence with their relationship is that, she loses a friend when she goes back to him. Her attraction to him and his to her is so undeniable however at the same time it can be viewed as unhealthy.


She’s a mother of two, a wife and a role model to every girl who feels different. What differentiates her from other artists, is the fact that she challenges the idea of feminine beauty and empowers women and girls alike not to accept the standard ideal of beauty.
They have been married for 11 years, and have ended their relationship twice. The first time they broke up, it was early into their relationship, but the second time they split, it happened 2 years after they got married. Although, she does provide a reason as to why they split both times, she was the one who worked hard to win him back. Although there were rumours  of him cheating on her over the years, they have been going strong.

They are 2 completely different people, he a former motocross driver and her hit singer-songwriter and actress worth millions. His profession is so risky he almost died in 2003 from sustained injuries. Their relationship definitely proves that opposites attract. Her attraction to him was and still is undeniable as she was the one who popped the question.


Formula 1 driver and former Pussycat Dolls singer Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger dated on and off for 8 years. It was eventually Hamilton who ended their relationship because he loved his job more. They are both attractive people, although she’s slightly older than him, they were happy. Their relationship only fueled the statement that beautiful people date beautiful people. At one point, she was serious about him to She was serious about him enough to talk about having babies with him. The lack of interest on his part though, not to mention the fact that he broke up with her ended any chances of them ever getting back together again.

Although he ended their relationship, he was caught pinning over her on his Instagram story this April, talking about how he had “good times” with her. Her response to this was the comment that they don’t talk these days but that she wishes him well. After leaving her, he went on to date a string of high profile models, but now he regrets the missed opportunity. She is currently dating hunky Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov who is 13 years her junior, but whom she is completely content with. Even though, he is not as widely known as Lewis Hamilton, he probably treats her like a queen and doesn’t take her for granted. Which is something people who are in love completely ignore.

So what is left to be said about the power of attraction? Sometimes, we are attracted to people that may be too overwhelming to handle. The pull of attraction is extreme enough to render one inhibited. On the other hand, there’s also the argument, you can’t help who you fall for.

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