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Taylor Kinney’s Ex: He Pocked-Dialed Me While We Were Dating Kissing Lady Gaga

Taylor Kinney and Brittany Sackett

Taylor Kinney’s ex girlfriend claims she knew he was cheating on her with Lady Gaga when he pocket dialled her during sex.

Real estate agent Brittany Sackett, who claims to have dated Kinney for over a year, woke to a late night call from her bloke and knew there was something going on.

Brittany, 30, says she could hear the pair chatting and making out when her beau accidentally called her at 2.30am.

Speaking to the Mail, Brittany, who dated Taylor for a year, said: “I could tell it was intimate conversation, I could hear kissing, muffled sounds and I recognized Lady Gaga’s voice.

“You couldn’t tell whether they were having sex but I knew something was going on, it wasn’t right.

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga

“You have your instincts as a woman.

“Taylor was butt dialing me at 2.30 in the morning – whatever he was doing shouldn’t have happened while we were in a relationship.

“In that moment I was super sad, I was pi**ed. I never saw it coming.’

She added: “My boyfriend was making out with Lady Gaga – it sucked. I felt betrayed, who wouldn’t?”


The pair have been dating for four years after meeting on the set of her video, You and I.








[via Mirror]

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