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Seven Women Remember Their Worst Ever Valentine’s Day!

As the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s is prime time for showering your sweetheart with affection  to show them how much you care.

Unfortunately, for some women, February 14th has proved to be considerably more traumatic than romantic.

From receiving a membership to a slimming club, to being left with an extortionate restaurant bill and even seeing their date get arrested, seven brave women share  their worst Valentine’s dates.



Naomi, a keen rugby player, has an athletic build – but was left ‘astounded’ when her date presented her with a membership to Slimming World during their romantic evening out.

Speaking about her Valentine’s Day horror, Naomi said: ‘I play rugby and my weight is required for protection and I also carry a lot of muscle.

‘I was gobsmacked when I was presented with a slimming club membership from a date on Valentine’s Day.

‘It took a lot of effort not to tackle him to the ground and throw him headfirst out of the door.’

Naomi waited until the next day and unsurprisingly dumped him, saying he ‘simply wasn’t man enough’ for her. 

‘I am single and looking for love, but thankfully haven’t had any dating disasters since,’ she added.

Rugby player Naomi Brash, 22, was presented with a membership to Slimming World
(Rugby player Naomi Brash, 22, was presented with a membership to Slimming World)

A lady who presented her date with a stylish new shirt for Valentine’s Day was left in shock when she was given an ironing set by her now ex-boyfriend in return.

Melinda Cooksey, 30, was shocked to be given an ironing set for Valentine's Day
(Melinda Cooksey, 30, was shocked to be given an ironing set for Valentine’s Day)

‘I was so shocked when my boyfriend at the time gave me an iron and an ironing board for Valentine’s,’ said Melinda.

‘I gave him a lovely new shirt, which he promptly asked me to iron for him.’

The evening went from bad to worse for 30-year-old, who was on her way home for a romantic dinner with her man when her tyre suffered a puncture.

‘I wasn’t able to change my tyre,’ she explained. 

‘So I called my date and asked if he could come and help me as I was stranded and he was only a ten minute drive down the road.’

Melinda couldn’t believe it when he told her he wasn’t coming because he had just showered and put on his new ironed shirt and he didn’t want to ‘get dirty’.

‘He told me to call the RAC instead, which I did, and I was forced to spend Valentine’s Day sat in the cold roadside on my own, completely miserable and fed up,’ she recalled.

‘I spent most of the night talking to the RAC man and when my car was up and running I went straight to my friend’s house for a takeaway.

‘I swiftly dumped the boyfriend the next day – all because he didn’t want to get his ironed shirt dirty,’ she added.


Katie Ford, 33, had a terrible evening after her date got drunk - and was arrested
(Katie Ford, 33, had a terrible evening after her date got drunk – and was arrested)

Katie was ‘really excited’ about the romantic night out she had planned with her date, but February 14th turned into a disaster-filled evening – and ended with her man being arrested.

 ‘I was really excited for a romantic night out with my date,’ she explained.

‘We went out for some drinks but he started to get drunk and began telling me about how great he was and how he would do anything for me.

‘I couldn’t believe his ego but put it down to the drink and thought I’d give him a chance.’

However, as he got drunker and drunker, Katie’s date ended up getting into a fight with a total stranger at the bar for absolutely no reason at all.

‘This resulted in the police coming and my date getting arrested. 

‘I was mortified,’ she said. ‘I ended up having to walk home alone in the dark in my high stiletto heels and broke up with him the next day.’


Sarah Donohue, 44, owner of the Miss Galaxy Universe competition,  was left to pick up the tab
(Sarah Donohue, 44, owner of the Miss Galaxy Universe competition,  was left to pick up the tab)

Sarah had been looking forward to a date with an officer in the Royal Marines, who promised her an evening she wouldn’t forget – and she most certainly didn’t.

 ‘We went to an amazing, top class Indian restaurant and he took care of ordering a nice wine and an Indian banquet with all the trimmings,’ she says.

‘There was no expense spared – I was feeling flattered and enjoying his company, and as the wine was flowing, the bill was escalating.’

However, when the bill came, Sarah’s date disappeared to the little boy’s room and when he came back, he sat there with no intention of paying – or even splitting the bill.

He proceeded to order even more drinks and then asked Sarah if she was OK to pick up the tab.

‘I was dumbfounded to say the least and ended up just paying the whole bill because it was so awkward and embarrassing – even though it was in the hundreds,’ she recalled.

‘I don’t expect a man to pay at all, but when my date acted like he wanted to treat me, I was furious to find out it was all an act to show off, and to leave me to pay was just rude.’

She continued: ‘His excuse was that I was an independent lady and he didn’t want to insult me! It was a joke.

‘Needless to say, I never saw him again and I have now found another Royal Marine, who treats me like a lady and I am now happily engaged to.’


Jenny Naylor, a 23-year-old teacher, was gifted a ring her date found on the street
(Jenny Naylor, a 23-year-old teacher, was gifted a ring her date found on the street)

Jenny was looking forward to spending her romantic day with her now ex-boyfriend – and had heard from her friends that he had really splashed out on her gift.

The couple spent the day together at Jenny’s home  and she waited excitedly as he disappeared to pick up her presents.

Recalling the incident, Jenny explained: ‘Like most women, I love being treated on Valentine’s Day and my boyfriend at the time asked me to hold out my hand and close my eyes.

‘When I opened them, there was a gold ring in my hand.’

Initially ecstatic, Jenny proudly put the ring on but doubt started to set in after she realised it hadn’t come in a box and she had developed a rash on her finger from wearing it.

Her friends later revealed that her partner had actually found the ring in the middle of the road and passed it off as a romantic gift he had hand-picked and paid for himself.

‘I took it to a jewellers in the hope that it could be valuable,’ she said.

‘The worst part was, it was worth about £20.’


Averil Henry, 36,  was 'unimpressed' when her date brought his sister along to the date
(Averil Henry, 36,  was ‘unimpressed’ when her date brought his sister along to the date)

Averil’s Valentine’s evening got off to a bad start almost immediately, when she realised her date had invited his sister along.

Speaking about the evening, she said: ‘I was taken on a date to a lovely restaurant for Valentine’s Day but my date also invited his sister along because she was on her own – although he failed to mention this to me until they turned up.’

Averil was left ‘unimpressed’ – all the more so because it was the couple’s first Valentine’s together – and found the whole affair ‘very awkward’.

‘The conversation went rapidly downhill during dinner and my date ended up paying the bill and storming off,’ she said.

‘As me and his sister were left at the table we ended up laughing about it and decided to go out clubbing.’

She may have lost her boyfriend but she left the awkward date with a new friend. 

‘Me and his sister are now good friends,’ she says. ‘He is history and I am happy in a new relationship – where he doesn’t bring his sister on dates!’.


Freya Taylor, 22, had a rather awkward date after her partner contracted food poisoning
(Freya Taylor, 22, had a rather awkward date after her partner contracted food poisoning)

‘My date was actually pretty decent,’ says Exeter waitress, Freya Taylor.

‘My boyfriend had forked for an evening at a certain celebrity chef’s restaurant in the centre of London.’

But while the five course tasting menu proved delicious, it included a dozen oysters each. 

‘Towards the end of the evening, my boyfriend’s toilet visits became more frequent and soon enough I was in on the act. 

‘We soon realised that both of us had got food poisoning from the oysters.

Although we did spend the rest of the evening together, it was  at opposite ends of the house with only a toilet brush for company.’



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