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QUIZ for the Gentlemen: Are You A Momma’s Boy?

Are you a Momma’s Boy? We love them but don’t be an obsessive one to the point you’re turning off relationships! Find out what kind of Momma’s Boy you are, fellas!


1. How often do you call your mom?

A. Several times a day.
B. 1 to 2 times a week.
C. Once a month.

2. How often do you text your mom?

A. Daily.
B. Couple times a week.
C. Hardly ever, mostly when necessary.

3. What happens when you and mom butt heads?

A. You let everything slide when it comes to mom.
B. You disagree but in the most gentle way possible.
C. You explain your side as thoroughly as possible, she can agree or disagree if she wants.

4. How much does your mom know about your relationship?

A. You tell her everything and she’s the first to know.
B. The basics- where she’s from, how you guys met, some of the things you guys enjoy doing.
C. Hardly anything, just if you’re single or seeing someone.

5. You buy your mom things or take her out:

A. Almost every day.
B. Weekly.
C. Monthly.

6. You speak to your mother before _________.

A. Any decision.
B. Most decisions.
C. Most significant decisions.

7. Whenever you eat someone else’s food you ________ comment that your mom’s version is way better.

A. Always.
B. Sometimes- when the thought comes.
C. Never- it never comes to your head.

8. You whine to your mother:

A. Always- she’s the best listener, best advice giver, best shoulder to cry on.
B. Sometimes- only when you feel she can give the best advice.
C. Never.

9. If someone disrespects your mother, you:

A. Lose it on them completely- you’re ready to go to jail.
B. Completely stand up for her until the situation is over.
C. Let her handle it.

10. Your exes thought your mother was:

A. The being you revolved around.
B. The most significant relationship in your life.
C. Not really in the picture.

Momma's Boy


How to score:
Mostly A’s = You’re an obsessive Momma’s Boy
Mostly B’s = You’re a Momma’s Boy
Mostly C’s = You’re NOT a Momma’s Boy at all


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