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Love Look For Each Weather Woe!

There is nothing more devastating than looking out the window the morning before a date, and seeing shitty weather. Even worse, you have been refreshing your iPhone forecast all week assured some sort of karmic retribution is steered your way, and it is STILL shitty weather.

Unfortunately, there is no instant solution. The only way to cater to said shitty weather is to be prepared. Here, I have collated a list of weather woes and how to make sure they don’t ruin your perfect look.


An obvious nightmare, rain can ruin EVERYTHING.


Hair Serum and spray it to an inch of its life! If you are prone to the boof when humidity hits like I am, the key is to wear it up or bring a LARGE brolly for over-hair issues. I would tend to wear it up and then transfer it to a half-up / half-down ‘do before I saw my man.

Make-up Stick to neutral shades that won’t run all over your beautifully preened face – stay away from the smokey eye, and hold on to the waterproof mascara for dear life! Be sure to apply a make-up setting spray after applying. Self-tan If you are a tan-lover (especially in the cold seasons) like me, then you need to steer clear of all things leg-baring, as no one wants to date the girl with orange running down her knees. Shoes Make sure you wear shoes that won’t slip on wet surfaces, like a wedge heel or flats, and keep a light scarf tucked away just in case you are going from one place to another but don’t want to seem like a crazy lady with an umbrella if it is a light drizzle, (trust me, your hair and I understand where you are coming from).


Sweaty, lifeless hair and make-up does not make for a dreamy date. Especially if you are B-O’ing up in his grill, your upper lip is schvitzing and you have serious clam hand.


Hair Reduce the frizz! Apply a 1 dollar coin-sized amount of serum lightly through your strands and run your fingers through. For dreaded fly-aways, stick to a strong hairspray.

Make-up To humidity-proof your make-up look against the sticky weather, stick to an oil-free primer that will mattify the skin, ensuring no break-outs or disappearance of foundation the minute you leave the door. Speaking of foundation, give that a miss and stick to a matte powder in the hot weather (at least temporarily) for a natural look that won’t clog your pores, even when mixed with sweat and oil. Eyebrow mousse won’t smudge and will keep you looking fresh, while smudge and waterproof mascara is the way to go. If you want a pop of color without a heavy lipstick or gloss, opt for a lip stain that is lightweight and long-lasting on your lips (talk about kissable).

Dress When it is ridiculously warm, you want to stick to light, airy outfits on a date. Opt for a floaty dress, a loose playsuit or an off-shoulder billowy top (my personal go-to).

Smell To prevent body odour, you need to choose an outfit that will let your skin breathe and keep you cool no matter the situation. Stick to a fresh, original-scented deodorant to prevent that deo-smell, and apply moisturiser to your legs and arms before you leave the house, giving your skin something to soak in other than humid air!


When the wind is at full-force, eyes tear up, skin dries out and hair is unrecognizable.


Hair Tackle tangles by applying serum to the bottom half of your locks to give it some slip, then work it through softly up to the roots. A fishtail braid, ponytail or loose bun is key in the wind, any style that keeps your hair up and out of your face!

Make-up The key to keeping the skin wind-proof through gale force hell is to moisturize and prime while applying make-up. Mix moisturizer and foundation before applying, or use a BB cream instead. This will keep your skin glowing and fresh, no matter the bone-shaking wind. Tear-proof your eye make-up with waterproof mascara, and use eyeliner and shadow on upper lids only to reduce make-up migrating down south. Don’t forget blush to wake up your complexion and be sure to pocket a chapstick to prevent lips drying out.

Dress This is an obvious lesson, that we have all learnt time and time again: Steer clear of flowing dresses or skirts that have the ability to blow up (a lot of strangers have seen my bum, and not in a cute Marilyn Monroe way, in a ‘mother nature has scarred me for life’ kind of way). A little trick, especially if you are going on a date, is to wear a bag with a long shoulder strap that wraps around your body. This will prevent unwanted skirt lifting and hug your figure. All in all, the key is a fitted dress, skirt or pant.

Do you have any weather beauty and fashion tips? What is your go-to nasty weather look?

(Via DateReport)

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