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Wanna Be a Matchmaker? Our Founder Shares Matchmaking Secrets!

Do you have the characteristics of a top matchmaker? Think you have what it takes? Give us a call and let us give you an in on this exciting industry!


Top 7 Characteristics You Need to Become a Matchmaker

Professional matchmakers run introduction services in their communities. The characteristics of a good match maker can be summed up by the “four Cs” — commitment, chemistry and communication within your community. When people ask how to become a matchmaker, I always explain that they must either have or develop these key personality traits:

  1. Caring
    First and foremost, you have to genuinely care about your clients and their happiness. You must want people   to have fun, you have to care about people and want them to not be   lonely.
  2. Curiosity
    To become a matchmaker, you have to have a real and genuine interest in people, and be curious and   inquisitive about them. You must want to know why people are attracted to   particular type, what makes relationships work.
  3. Intuitiveness
    While there are plenty of books on relationships and personality types, you must be able to nurture   your own intuition about people and their needs.
  4. Empathy
    You’ll meet people who seem   like powerful professionals, with all the confidence in the world. Once you   get to know them, you’ll be privy to their most vulnerable fears and doubts.   You must be able to empathize with them and their experiences, and feel what   that person is going through.
  5. Professionalism
    As much as you have   to be able to deal with the emotional, caring side of the business, you have   to remember this is a profession. You must be able to maintain a certain   professionalism with clients, and remember what your role is.
  6. Discretion
    As a trusted advisor and   consultant, your clients will be entrusting you with painful and personal   information about their lives, their past, and their hopes. It is absolutely   crucial that you earn and keep that trust by maintaining the highest degree of   confidentiality. These people’s lives are not a soap opera with which to   entertain your friends. This is especially important in smaller communities,   or if you’re working in a business community, where everybody has professional   dealings with one another.
  7. Open-Mindedness
    While you will draw   on your experiences and intuition, a good matchmaker must remain open-minded.   You have to keep listening and learning, and making sure you approach each   client willing and able to understand their perspective and experience, even   when it differs from your own. Assuming you know what the person needs is a   poor substitute for actively listening.
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