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‘Handsome Felon’ Jeremy Meeks Gets Modeling Contracts, Reality TV Gigs

“Jeremy Meeks, the “Handsome Felon” who became an Internet sensation after the Stockton, California Police Department posted his exceptionally flattering mug shot to their Facebook page, has officially hit the big time– he’s landed a Hollywood talent agent.


Gina Rodriguez, who has guided the careers of “Teen Mom”-star-turned-porn-star Farrah Abraham, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman and most recently, V. Stiviano, the woman at the center of the Donald Sterling scandal, now represents the 30-year-old convicted felon with chiseled features and dreamy blue eyes.

Rodriguez, who had a career as a porn actress before she changed her focus and founded GR Media Firm, had no qualms about taking on Meeks as a client.

“Everybody has a story, and I, of all people, know that,” Rodriguez told FOX411 exclusively. “The types of personalities that I work with are usually the people who are under fire by the media. If this was a different situation, like if someone was actually hurt or there was violence involved, I definitely would not be taking him on. But we don’t know Jeremy’s full story yet, and I don’t feel like he got a fair break. I really don’t. If we can help him in any way with his future and help him turn his life around, that’s what I’m about. That’s what I want to do for him.”

Community service officer Rosie Calderon of the Stockton Police Department had no comment on Meeks’ sudden Internet fame, citing that his criminal investigation was ongoing. But Calderon did admit that the worldwide interest in Meeks was “unbelievable.”

Meeks faces a tough road ahead. He is currently being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on 11 felony counts related to firearm possession, street gang membership and parole violations. His bail is set at $1.1 million.

“It’s insane,” Rodriguez said of Meeks’ high bail. “I’m not exactly sure why it’s so much money. That’s what we’re trying to figure now. We’re trying to secure him some of these deals so that when he gets out, it can change his life, literally.

Some of those deals include modeling contracts and reality shows.

“We’ve spoken with four production companies and three different modeling agencies,” Rodriguez explained. “A lot of TV shows that want to cover it, a lot of news shows. It’s just been crazy, the type of media attention that he’s gotten.”

One modeling agency in particular is eager to sign Meeks.

“Jim Jordan, who owns White Cross Management, is very interested in Jeremy,” said Rodriguez. “We’ve had tons of people trying to get interviews with Jeremy, which I think right now is a little bit overwhelming for the family. Their main concern is really trying to get him out.”

Meeks’ family has set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money for his bail, and has raised a paltry $4,850 so far.”




Source: FoxNews

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