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Guys, Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

11. Play Dress Up (And Take Off)

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
I especially love this idea for those of us who do not get to dress up very often in our professional lives. Have you and your girl put on your finest, sexiest outfits and enjoy a meal together (you can even just do this in the comfort of your home if you like) and then, after getting all dressed up and really getting into the outfits, have even more fun taking them off one another. It’s like a version of role play that doesn’t verge on anything too intimidating for those of you who scare easy.

10. Blindfold Her

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
From the minute she enters the bedroom, have her undress show to her lingerie and blindfold her. If your girl is down, use scarves to tie her hands and feet to the bed posts and give her the sensual body treatment of her lifetime. Go slow. Play around.

9. Whips And Chains (But Not The Pain)

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
There are so many gorgeous whips and chains on the market today that are a great addition to the bedroom play and can be extremely fun. With this kind of play, I truly suggest talking to your partner first about if this is something she would be down with. Surely, you’ve done the fantasy talk and if this comes into hers then I suggest treating her body with whip treatment. I’m not talking striking; this is not abuse. I’m talking using whips to create sensual build up and create a stimulating environment. Use the toy back and forth. Let her have at it on you. I recommend the Sensua Suede Whip by LELO. It’s pricey, but g*ddamn gorgeous and perfect for this kind of play.

8. Massage Her

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
A truly simple treat, but highly effective for a reason. Get some quality massage oils  and rub her head to toe. Feet, legs, butt, back, shoulders and even her head and neck. You will be tired as hell after, but hey man, you have to do great thing for the one you love.

7. Fun In The Kitchen

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
Again, this seems a little basic, but at the end of the day it’s a really big gesture to have someone cook an entire meal start to finish (I’m talking dining room preparation, dishes and ambience too.) Maybe it’s not a stereotypically sensual gift for Valentines Day, but banging it out in the kitchen right afterwards would be the perfect night cap.

6. Take Her To A Luxury Hotel

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
Everyone loves staying at a hotel (unless it’s a Days Inn and they are shooting a porn in the room next door, trust me,) so why not take your lady out of the house for the evening to a beautiful, quality hotel and pull out all the stops? Room service, jacuzzi tub, flowers and plenty of top-shelf liquor. This way you both get a vacation and can take full advantage of the vacation you are taking in your own city.

5. Shower Power

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
Sometimes sharing the bathroom with your significant other can be like a morning war. Transform the battle zone and make it a place of luxury and pleasure. Set the mood and take a shower together. Maybe even have some wine going in there too? Shower sex always rules.

4. Play A Little Card Game

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
The limits with this one do not really exist. Maybe you guys want to take your favorite card game and add a strip element? Make it juicy by adding prices of oral sex and other favors. Have a couple cocktails and play around. It’s just the two of you.

3. A Night Drive

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
Relive your teenage years (or the teenage years depicted in ’50s movies) and take your girl out to a beautiful lookout point in your city: park the car, whip out a little provision and make out like you guys are 15 years old again. Nothing better than riding each other in a car and seeing the lights of the city sprawled in front of you so far away.

2. Midnight Showing

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
I remember one year a boyfriend of mine took me to a movie for Valentines Day. I wanted to dump him because the idea was so basic and juvenile, but I gave it a chance. (He was very charming and drop-dead.) However, when we got into the movie, he whipped out a bottle of wine and we sat in the back ignoring the film and making out. Then, we snuck to the bathroom for stall sex. It was awesome. Just a little innocent breaking of the rules. Totally killer.

1. Foreplay Forever

Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
I would think that in a world that is increasingly sex-positive and where women (as much as men) have a strong, public voice about our sexual desires and pleasures, that you would all be hip to the idea that foreplay is g*ddamn key. However, I also know that some people are selfish, dumb posts who just happen to have functioning penises. You want her to really be shocked to the core by your sensual Valentine’s Day move? Eat her out like she’s the best meal you ever had and you never want it to end. (Actually, this is probably how you should always treat oral sex.) She’ll be so happy and return the favor when you least expect it.







[via Ask Men]

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