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50 Shades Of A Matchmaker

Have you seen the movie yet? Here is our version of 50 shades of a matchmaker. Dive into our life for a bit and 50 reasons why we have such an exhilarating  career.

50 Shades Of A Matchmaker

1. Get into the office and take a deep breathe

 2. Dive into all the feed backs from the dates
3. Rejoice from success
4. Slump when someone’s didn’t work out
5. Take a sip of coffee
6. Go through all your missed calls
7. Have a chat with someone about sexual desires
8. Laugh and wonder what you’ve got yourself in
9. Wonder about your sexual desires
10. Realize you got off track and get your head back in the game
11. Answer all the emails and dish out the numbers
12. Log onto social media
13. Laugh at the crazy pictures
14. Reflect on the inspirational quotes, repost.
15. Post lovey dovey pictures
16. Social media is put on hold for a client
17. Listen to the client talk about how the match didn’t like cats
18. Proceed to talk about how you love cats
19. Client talks about cats for 30 minutes
20. Catch up on your emails during the conversation
21. Time to begin matching!
22. Pick up pile of unmatched clients and shape shift into cupid
23. Hand pick through thousands of forms and narrow down the perfect matches
24. Start contacting clients and poking them with cupid arrows
25. Meanwhile saying hi to all the other matchmakers as they buzz around
26. Play rock paper scissors with another matchmaker to use a file for your client
27. Proceed to have another conversation with client
28. Lunch time! Salad again … I miss chocolate.
29. One of the clients comes in the office, brings flowers
30. As he talks about his fun date, you’re reminded why you love this
31. Start posting dating tips and emailing tips to clients
32. Question if you’re using these tips to
33. Also, how are you going to use them on the cute guy at Starbucks
34. Laugh at the hilarity of a matchmaker being nervous about dating!
35. Talk to a lovely woman on the phone who gives you a good dinner recipe!
36. Day dream while sifting through piles of paper about dinner.. mm food
37. Start making an email to send out to all the ladies on file to spark some excitement
38. Must… be… interesting.
39. Wonder if you can get paid in glasses of wine instead of money?
40. All your matches have accepted and are happy… yay!
41. Feel like superwoman and content that you changed lives today
42. Someone brings in cookies for the office, thank god.
43. Meet a client for coffee, always feels like meeting new friends!
44. Coffee date ended and it’s back to the office to finish up
45. Answer the calls while you were gone, on a caffeine high of course.
46. Receive compliment from client and your heart flutters a bit
47. Get text from your family that they miss you and love you
48. Start to yawn, this cupid stuff is emotionally tiring!
49. Finish up with one last email and phone call
50. Pack up the arrow in your bag… because cupid never takes time off!

Well, there it is! A day in our life, it is always fast paced, busy and full of excitement. Love is never a boring topic and we know every day we walk through the door.. that it definitely won’t be the same as the previous day. You can’t beat that! If you want to get involved with us and our matching please don’t hesitate to check out our suitability test, register and become a part of it!


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