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5 types of colleagues you cant avoid!


The Office Gossip

Even more efficient than your Facebook news feed, the office gossip makes it her business to know everyone’s business – and to spread the word around.

How to deal: This bright character, although often thought of as a busybody auntie, can often be the source of much needed laughter if you’re in her good books, so don’t be mean, just don’t repeat the tales you hear!

The Backstabber

This is the sort of person who will likely pretend to be your new best friend, only to start passing your ideas as his or her own and badmouthing you to the bosses and your other colleagues in an attempt to steal your promotion.

How to deal: Take the initiative to communicate regularly with your bosses and update them with your progress, so that even if you have this annoying bug trying to take all the credit for shared work, your superiors will already know who came up with the good ideas.

The Complain Queen

Just like the cat that got famous for its grumpy-looking face, the complain queen seems to have a perpetual frown on hers. These types like to make conversations all about themselves and will often make it sound like they’ve always got the short end of the stick.

How to deal: It can be hard to avoid The Complain Queen, but you can prevent the negative vibes from affecting you by always bringing the conversation back to work-related issues to show you have no time for idle chat, and excuse yourself quickly as soon as possible when you’re done. Phew!


Even in an office filled with all sorts of characters, there’s often that one person who is destined to be your BFF (Best Friends Forever). This is your reliable lunch partner and the one you can share notes with about who’s nice and who’s not. She’s also likely to cover for you and point out where are all the cheap coffee places are.

How to deal: When you find your office BFF, be a good friend and watch her back in the office, because she does the exact same thing for you. When hours run late and work is keeping him/her in less than joyful spirits, give the gift of nutrition in the form of fruits or revitalising supplements likeBRAND’S®  Gift of Health pack.

Long hours staring at the computer screen? Berries are known to be good for eye health. We bet your BFF will appreciate BRAND’S® InnerShine Berry Essence Gift of Health powered with the essence of seven types of berries. Alternatively, if he or she overworks, pamper him or her with BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken Gift of Health Pack for that needed boost.

The Hot-Air Balloon

These know-it-alls always have something to say about everything under the sun but somehow manage to stop short of doing actual work. Even if you didn’t want comments or opinions, this smart alec will always find something to say, just to look like they are contributing intelligently.

How to deal: While it can be frustrating, an easy way to handle this wiseguy is to disengage from them quickly and politely by thanking them for their suggestions before you continue with your work. If you have to work with this type of character, get them to contribute by making sure everyone involved in the project has a list of each others’ assigned tasks.

(Via Yahoo)

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