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31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

We love these wonderfully fun wedding ideas from Buzzfeed!

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“1. Have a pre-wedding field day so your groomsmen and bridesmaids can get acquainted with one another.

Have a pre-wedding field day so your groomsmen and bridesmaids can get acquainted with one another.
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Also perfect for a joint couple’s shower.

2. Add a line for a DJ song request on your RSVP cards.

3. Enlist your grandmas to be your flower girls.

Photographed by Genevieve Leiper.

4. Serve your drinks on “My Two Cents” coasters.

Buy them here. Other variations are also available via Etsy.

5. For a brunch reception, serve up a waffle bar.

6. For seriously rad photo ops, give out sparklers as favors.

You can have a nighttime sparkler exit.

7. Crown your wedding day with this fun cake topper.


Buy it here.

8. Incorporate your love story into the aisle runner.

It doesn’t even have to incorporate photos.

It doesn't even have to incorporate photos.

Chalk marker on black paper works too.

9. Hire a rad food truck for a late-night snack.

According to Pinterest: “IN-N-OUT will rent you a truck for 1K fully stocked with a cooking team for the day. Perfect for a midnight snack at a wedding!” (You can contact their event services to verify this.)

10. Order your very own wedding Converse as dancing shoes for the reception.

Get them at

Photo by Kelly Ewel Photography.

11. Have your very own beer bar.

With spigots and everything!

12. Or rent a Pub-Hub for a DIY bar area.

It’s a fridge that has been converted to a beer dispenser. It also has fridge space for liquors.

13. Get everyone to dance on a GLITTER DANCE FLOOR.

14. Instead of wedding favors, let people fill up bags with the candy of their choice.

Photo by Lasting Impressions by Amy.

15. Include an inspirational quote from vodka.

16. Leave out advice cards near the guestbook or on the dinner tables.

It’s a great icebreaker for people sitting together who might not know each other that well.

17. Sometimes an array of bridesmaid dress colors can look prettier than just picking one.

18. Let people DIY their own confetti combo.

And be sure to include lots and lots of sequins.

19. Decorate the bathrooms with childhood photos.

20. Keep the program simple and to the point.

21. Play a game of “flip cup” for your after-party.

Bridesmaids vs. groomsmen! Girls vs. guys! Old people vs. young people!

22. Be dance-floor-ready in seconds with a transformer wedding dress.

23. For an outdoor summer wedding, serve up some alcoholic Otter Pops.

You can do this by using a syringe.

24. Put crayons at the kids table.

25. Forgo confetti for pom-poms.

Forgo confetti for pom-poms.
View this image ›Megan and Seth Photography / Via

Your photos will be so much more colorful.

26. Have a ball pit.

Instead of having a height restriction, you might want to restrict the level of drunkenness.

27. Lose the bartender and serve your alcohol in water coolers.

28. For dessert, display an ice cream bar.

Perfect for a summer wedding.

29. Or just have everyone dive face-first into a 10-foot-long banana split.

I promise you it will cost less than a $500 wedding cake.

30. Forgo the typical bouquet for one big-ass paper flower.

It’s less expensive and so much more dramatic.

31. Instead of a guestbook, have your guests leave a message for you in an “anniversary piñata.”

Instead of a guestbook, have your guests leave a message for you in an "anniversary piñata."
View this image ›Jenny DeMarco Photography / Via

It’s like a time-capsule guestbook! You’ll really have something to look forward to when you break it open a year later.”


Source: Buzzfeed

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