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29 Little Things Guys Can Do To Instantly Be More Attractive

Buzzfeed presents “29 Little Things Guys Can Do to Instantly Be More Attractive”… Pay attention, guys!

“1. Skip short-sleeve shirts and roll up your long sleeves instead.

Skip short-sleeve shirts and roll up your long sleeves instead.

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Short-sleeve shirts can make you look Dwight Shrute-ish. This guide on the perfect roll ought to help!

2. Invest in a tailored suit.

There’s nothing like having a suit that’s been cut to fit your body’s specifications. And you only need one (to start with, anyway)! For more on why a good suit is crucially important, click here.

3. Get fancy and have your shoes shined.

Joe Belanger/iStock

It’ll instantly make you look more polished. (See what I did there? I’m terrible.)

4. To look more professional and put together, don’t forget about collar stays.

They make a HUGE difference. See?

5. Don’t do this:

White socks with dress shoes are pretty bad. In fact, you’re probably better off not wearing any socks at all.

6. Follow this rule: If it’s something you’d wear to the gym to work out in, it probably shouldn’t be your everyday clothes.

7. When in doubt, go for a pale blue-dark gray combo.

These two colors naturally complement one another without seeming overly obvious, no?

8. If you’re a casual guy (or casual Grumpy Cat), surprise everyone and dress up every once in a while.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the responses it’ll elicit.

9. Buy clothes that fit you.

It’ll make you look way sharper and more put together.

10. Follow this simple shoe-belt rule.

Make sure your belt and shoes match — if you’re wearing brown shoes wear a brown belt, and if you’re wearing black shoes, go for a black belt. If you have any wacky-colored belts — throw ‘em out.

11. One simple way to make your underwear go further: Get them in dark colors.

Harry Styles knows what we’re talking about. Dark boxers or boxer briefs take wear and tear better. Remember though, that if you’d be embarrassed for another person to see you in them, you should probably throw them out.

12. If your hair is feeling dry and flaky, stop washing it.

Maybe it sounds counterintuitive, but you might actually be over-cleaning your hair. Skip shampooing and conditioning every other day and your hair will probably start looking and feeling a lot better.

13. Keep your long, gnarly nails away from us.

20th Century Fox/

Cut your nails regularly. It doesn’t take much time to cut your fingernails and toenails — 10 minutes, tops! But it makes a HUGE difference. And don’t just cut ‘em — file them too, so they’re not sharp and jagged at the ends.

14. Moisturize, please.

Mike Watson Images

Your skin needs sweet, delicious moisture. It will look and feel so much better if you slather on some face and body cream. And if your skin is especially flaky and dry, you can always try exfoliating first before you moisturize. A scrub such as The Body Shop’s Shea Body Scrub or St. Ives Exfoliating Apricot Body Wash should do the trick.

15. And don’t skimp on your hands either.

Guy hands need love too, especially when it’s cold out and your knuckles are prone to becoming super dry and cracked. Instead, invest in a decent hand moisturizer. It’s a game changer.

16. Invest in a tongue scraper.

Martin Roeder/Hemera

You’ll be amazed (and disgusted) by all extra gunk that comes off your tongue.

17. If you have weird hairs, pluck them.


BUT DO NOT GO CRAZY WITH THIS. Plucking is addictive and if you’re not careful you could end up with tiny ’90s brows or no brows or weird patterns on your chest or your nips. ~Scary~. If you don’t have tweezers, nail clippers will do the trick too.

18. Tame your wild eyebrows.

Overly bushy unkempt brows can make you look like a crazy person. Keep them tamed down with a little water or gel and a comb when necessary.

19. And don’t forget about your ear hairs!

They may be hard for you to see, but they’re pretty noticeable for others, so keep them on lock. And while we’re at it, take care of those nose hairs, too.

20. Don’t shave first thing in the morning.

Give your skin time to wake up first. Your face may be a little puffy when you first get up, and by waiting 10 or 15 minutes, you’ll probably end up doing less damage.

21. Leave your shaving cream on for an extra five minutes if you can.

Digital Vision / Via Photodisc

It’ll soften your hair and save you the pain of razor burn. Nobody likes razor burn. NOBODY.

22. And when you do shave, use short, slow strokes.


And shave in the direction of the hair, NOT against it.

23. Keep your mustache trimmed to just above your lip line.

24. Don’t forget about your neck hairs.

Mele Stemmermann/iStock

Make sure your neck hairs — in the front and back — are neat and trim. It’s pretty easy for you or your barber to do, and it’ll make you look much more put together.

25. Not sure if your breath stinks? Lick your wrist.

It might look weird (nope, it definitely looks weird), but if you’re not sure whether your breath smells bad, you can lick your wrist and smell it. Then promptly pop a breath mint.

26. Don’t skimp on the lip balm.

Your lips are much more enjoyable when they’re not cracked and chapped and totally bloody, right? Lip balm can help with that.

27. Stop slouchin’.

Slouching gives off a bad impression and makes you seem like you don’t care very much about yourself. Standing straight and tall exudes confidence and sexiness, promise.

28. Figure out your signature scent.

Put down the Axe body spray and get a cologne (or at least deodorant) that’s fresh and manly and YOU.

29. But use cologne sparingly.

Cologne should enhance your naturally awesome pheromones, not completely stink up every room you enter. Don’t drown yourself in it — just give yourself a couple light sprays, and you’re good to go.”




Source: Buzzfeed

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