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8 Great Winter Dates

Guys, running out of ideas for places to bring your lady? Here are 8 date ideas to consider!

1. Go to a Hockey Game

24230830_8898Even if she’s not into sports, everyone enjoys live, fast-paced action mixed with violence and brutality. If you’re not a puck-head, look up the rules online before you go. That way, you’ll look knowledgeable when the action suddenly stops and there’s a face-off in the corner. If there’s not an NHL team in your area, look for minor league, college or even high school teams. The money you save on tickets can be used to buy bullhorns and oversize foam hands, plus the game will still look vicious for a novice viewer. This winter date also sets up your next rendezvous perfectly: building a fire and watching the Paul Newman classic Slap Shot together.

2. Go Ice-Skating

ice-skating-couple-med-69274661This winter date has the highest opportunity for accidental touching. Unless she’s Michelle Kwan, she’s going to stumble and you’re going to be there to catch her. A frozen pond outside the city is the most romantic location, but if there aren’t any in the area, look for an ice-skating rink that has adults-only nights. Those rinks will usually dim the lights and play music that doesn’t inspire poking out your eardrums with a skate. On the other hand, if it’s a first or second date, go during the afternoon and show her your softer side by picking up a brat after he face-plants on the ice in front of you.

3. Go Snowshoeing

p1428689498-3While skiing can be great, snowshoeing is a safe winter date for women of all coordination levels. If you can walk, then you can snowshoe. Drive to the closest ski town and find a Nordic center. You’ll be able to rent snowshoes cheaply, and they can point you to the best trails. The woods will look gorgeous covered in snow, and you’ll both work up appetites. Afterward, find a cozy lodge with Christmas ale on tap and tasty burgers. Work on your accents and pretend you’re both ski pros from Switzerland. Confusing tourists is a fun game anyone can play.

24231057_06064. Go on a Spa Day

What could be better during the cold, winter season than a warm, toasty spa day? There are some places that have great packages for couples that include meals, wine, and more. Also, at the Hershey Hotel in Pennsylvania you can get a chocolate spa, tasty!




24230235_67535. Visit Santa

One year back when my husband and I were first dating, I made him stand in line with me to take a photo with Santa! He’s not there just for the kids, adults can get in on the holiday fun too! Some places even have a pet day, so now you can include your little dog in your holiday greeting card with you and your partner.




24225547_47506. Fireplace S’mores!

Summertime isn’t the only time for s’mores, when it gets too cold outside make them on the fireplace instead and stay in for date night at home. If you don’t have a fireplace, there are cute s’more or fondue sets that you can purchase that will do the trick!





hot.springs.couple27. Visit a Hot Springs

While hot-tubbing is great, nothing is more invigorating than a winter date that consists of stripping in the freezing wilderness and hopping into a scalding natural stream. Hot springs are known for their therapeutic value due to the high mineral content in the water. It’s a perfect spot to work out those winter aches and snowshoeing pains. Plus, her skin won’t smell like chlorine afterward. These areas are also popular skinny-dipping spots, so she may get a few mischievous ideas.

8. Visit a Brewery

24225453_6305This does not top my list of great date ideas for cold nights just because of the beer tasting, but for the history as well! Did you know that one of America’s Oldest Breweries was founded in 1829 and then re-established again in 1831 after a horrible fire destroyed their first location? Yuengling Brewery has been standing tall in that second building location in Pottsville, Pa for 182 years, that’s pretty incredible! Now, you’re thinking you’ll take your guy up on that brewery tour, huh?




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