The English Gentleman

hugh grant

The English gentleman. Who is he? What is he like? Does he have a dating preference? And most importantly, where can I find mine? These are the questions that come to mind when one often thinks of an English gentleman. Most of what we know about the ideal English gentleman is based on how they are depicted in films and TV shows. Award winning ITV show Downton Abbey, fueled our fantasies of what the perfect English gentleman was/is. Whereas shows such as Peaky Blinders & Poldark reveal a darker wilder side to English men we all wish we could see.
These men are portrayed to exude confidence and boyish charm therefore one cannot help falling in love with the idea of them.

harry and meghan

When news broke out of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement, the whole world took notice. From North America to Australia, everyone wanted to know more about the soon to be princess. The hash tag royal wedding was trending world wide and more and more people seemed to be in love with the idea that this was another commoner marrying into the royal family.

There has even been this trend of famous men and women dating Brits. Taylor Swift springs to mind in regards to this. She may have a long line of exes, but when it comes to relationships that were significant to her, they involved Brits. Significant in the sense that she’s had various no.1 hits based on their relationships and they were highly publicised. Her longest relationship was with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, and we were all under the impression that they would end up together. She is not the only famous celeb to have a taste for British men. Her so-called rival Katy Perry was previously married to comedian Russell Brand and was until recently dating Orlando Bloom.

The amount of success and attention Brits receive in North America is immense but not surprising. There is a fascinating fantasy that Americans have with the Brits, from the look, to the accent to the way of life. The simple fact that you can find an authentic British café in LA for tea time proves this more than anything.
From Taylor Swift and her barrage of famous British exes to Katy Perry’s taste for British men, what is it about British men that are irresistible to American women?

From their accents, to their looks to their manners, one cannot help but notice British men. Relationship expert and YouTuber Matthew Hussey has garnered great success in the US, on his video tutorials giving women dating advice and tips. He is particularly successful amongst women primarily because he exudes this irresistible charm but also there is this authority in his voice when he speaks. Women trust him and send him questions and comments for their relationship problems. He is seen as the leading dating advisor for women and to a sense a love guru.


From great actors to personalities to the ideal of the perfect gentleman, the UK has surely given us some great gems. What is this allure about English men though? We fall in love with the idea of them however to actually date one requires effort. British men, in all the glory and hype we build over them are actually reserved and introverted to a sense. Yes, they are considerate and caring and the perfect gentleman, however in their endeavor don’t be surprised if you have to do a bit more to initiate conversation and contact.





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