Meet Laura

Meet Laura. She may be a nurse, a writer or a sales representative, but her heart will always lie in the countryside where she was born and raised. Still holding true to old traditional values she was raised on, she hopes to find someone she can share the freedom of countryside living with. Meet Laura

Busy, busy Stacy

Between classes, internships, networking events, keeping fit, and trying to stay in touch with family, today’s young professionals hardly have time for themselves- much less time to go out and meet singles. Not surprisingly, putting dating on the back burner while striving to build a career has become a reality. Meet Stacy

Belle and John

In their twilight years but decades younger in vitality, age is just a number for these individuals. With desires to travel and look for new adventures, a partner in life is what they’re looking for. Tired of missing out on opportunities to explore the world, they are seeking a best friend and a lover. Read more

Single Randy

The number of single men living alone has skyrocketed since the 1950’s. If you don’t want to be part of this trend anymore, enquire about our services today! Our matchmakers will provide you with the tools necessary to open many doors. Meet Randy

Fun-loving Lucy

Young, single, and vibrant- but not interested in being asked out on dates at the gym. As flattering as it may be, it’s no place to find your Friday night date. You may be single, but you have standards, and you don’t want to be hounded at the gym, grocery store or while grabbing a quick java fix. Meet Lucy

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Select Introductions is made up of a group of passionate relationship consultants on a mission to find you love! We are 100% offline, 100% confidential and 100% tailor-made. We serve as our clients’ own personal recruiter focusing entirely on introducing them to the love of their life. Select Introductions was established 15 years ago and incorporated in 2000.

We work with cream of the crop individuals of all backgrounds but have extensive experience matching clients from agricultural backgrounds. Our clients have no problem dating, however lack in time and access to quality matches. Our matchmakers embrace individuality and make it their highest priority to tailor our services exactly to you.


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