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We are currently seeking a wonderful match of this lady

She is late 30’s divorced with no children, 5’6 133lbs in great shape, a non smoker ,social drinker
She has been single for approximately 1.5 years, established a successful career and is now wanting to
settle down with the right man.

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She loves children, animals and nature.

“I am a down to earth, easy going warm person I come from a farming family and was raised by parents who have been married for over 50 years. My farming background taught me, good ole fashioned values and an appreciation for hard work.

I don’t like hurting peoples feelings and I am sensitive . I am a romantic and I can see myself growing old with my best friend. I would love to meet a man who will take me fishing. I don’t have to fish but I would love to feel the cool water and run my finger tips through it while I relax in a bikini in the boat. I am a sensual person. I like to get dressed up for a man, be taken out, it doesn’t have to be a expensive restaurant, but just the excitement of waiting for him and what a romantic evening can hold, is thrilling for me.

I like a man who is attentive, responsive to me and happy to see me at the end of his day I like men who are humble, he must be financially secure, and be ready for a relationship with me I don’t need a man to pay for me I have my own money, age is irrelevant. some people can be 50 and look 30″

If this lady appeals to you and you would like more information about her or you would like to see more potential local matches, please do not hesitate to call our friendly matchmakers, new matches will not by sent by email request, personalization is essential to successful match, and only a consultant can determine the compatibility of your matches once they have spoken to you directly

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This lady has a heart of gold, she came to Canada and tried very hard with her marriage.  The gentlemen she married was very controlling would not let her speak  to her friends, or have a career. She is a affectionate and passionate lady, that was trapped in a cold and cruel situation.  She has allot to offer,  is not demanding or superficial. She is a hard working lady that is tired of being alone.

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