Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton’s Secret Romance

An American celebrity magazine claims that they have the exclusive story on the budding romance between Prince Harry, 31, and Pippa Middleton, 32.


According to OK!, Prince William’s younger brother and Kate Middleton’s younger sister have been enjoying a ‘secret romance’ for three months, but have only ever been caught in the act by their older siblings.

The publication also purports to have intimate details of their affair, including how they spent their first ‘date’ and the fact that they have fancied each other for years.

Allegedly, Prince Harry first ‘noticed’ Pippa while the world’s attention was turned to their siblings – but it is only now that OK! has managed to get the ‘scoop’.

It states that the younger prince felt attracted to Kate’s Maid of Honor at the royal wedding, and the two spent the entire reception flirting – and then some.

‘At one point, Kate went to check her make-up and found them snogging in a bathroom,’ a source, referred to by the publication as an ‘insider’, reportedly said. Kate was, the magazine adds, quite unhappy about the incident.

The article then alleges that Harry went on to pursue Pippa for months, though it claims she didn’t reciprocate for fear of further upsetting the Duchess of Cambridge. Eventually, it states, they both went on to date other people.

Pippa went out with financier Nico Jackson, 37, for three years eventually breaking up with him this October. Harry juggled British model Cressida Bonas, 26, and Zimbabwean Chesly Davy, 30, on and off for years.

But, OK! insists, they never stopped being attracted to each other.

‘There’s always been sexual tension between them, even when they were dating other people,’ a ‘source’ who claims to know the feelings and motivations of the two Brits told the magazine. 

Luckily, they both became simultaneously single this fall for the first time since their siblings tied the knot in 2011. And according to OK!, they’re taking advantage of that, with Pippa taking the lead.

In the final days of her relationship with Nico, she reportedly turned up on Harry’s doorstep in tight jeans and a sheer top. 

For his part, Harry had ‘lit candles and put on some soft music he thought she’d like – Adele, Ellie Goilding, Bruno Mars. They sipped wine and then ate a pasta carbonara that he’d prepared himself.’ 









[via Daily Mail]

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