10 Simple Ways to Make Her Swoon

Pamper Her

Every woman loves to be pampered. Releasing all your tension, not having a care in the world and most importantly knowing someone has taken care of you is the most luxurious feeling of all. Nothing can ruin a relationship faster than being taken for granted. Pampering your partner will let her know how much you value her in your life and will undoubtedly improve your relationship. Make her feel like a queen for a day (or several) with one of these pampering ideas.

10. Upgrade Her Sheets

Pamper Her

After a hard day, there’s often nothing more exciting than going to sleep (or getting some nooky). For something that you will both enjoy, get rid of your old boring sheets and upgrade to 800-thread-count silk sheets. Higher quality sheets mean a more relaxing, comfortable sleep and a more enjoyable session in the sack. Sexy and luxurious, quality sheets will make her a lot more excited to go to bed.

9. Rent A Suite For The Weekend

Pamper Her

When you can’t get away for the weekend, try a staycation at a local hotel. Book a suite at a swank hotel and spend the weekend in bed. Order room service, movies and take a bubble bath. With no distractions, the two of you can focus on nothing but each other.

8. Send Her To A Spa

Pamper Her

Book a babysitter, hire a cleaning lady and send her off to a fancy spa for the day. Spas offer a range of services from massages to scrubs to facials to reiki. For one whole day she can forget about her cares and think about nothing but herself. When she comes back home to you she’ll be content and happy which will only enhance your relationship.

7. Champagne & Strawberries

Pamper Her

No matter where you live, there is undoubtedly a rooftop, a hill or a lake with a gorgeous view. Take her there with a bottle of nice champagne and strawberries for a romantic evening. Just don’t forget the picnic blanket.

6. Run Her A Bubble Bath

Pamper Her

For a low-key indulgence that you can create for her anytime, draw up a warm bath. Set the mood by lighting scented candles on the countertop. Float rose petals on top of the bath and use a matching scented bubble bath. Last but not least, give her cooling eye mask to relax and de-puff her eyes.

5. Book Her A Mani/Pedi

Pamper Her

Not only are mani/pedis functional, they’re also relaxing. For the woman who works long days, cleans the house and takes care of the kids, finding the time to get the basics done can be impossible. If you’re wife or girlfriend is into upkeep but low on time a mani/pedi appointment will make her day.

4. Give Her A Foot Massage

Pamper Her

Don’t just give her a massage; give her the salon treatment at home. Draw a footbath in a tub of warm water. Slice up a lime — it removes the dead skin — and rub her feet with it. Use a scrub to rub her calves exfoliating her skin. After you wipe off the scrub, finish with a body lotion. Now you’re ready to start massaging her foot.

3. Breakfast In Bed

Pamper Her

Cooking breakfast for your lovely lady and serving it to her in bed is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. To avoid her catching you, wake up early and prepare the breakfast as quietly as possible. Place a towel at the crack of the door so she doesn’t smell or hear anything. When you’re pouring the coffee or juice, fill it only three-quarters of the way to avoid any possible spillage. Add a flower or two and you’re done. Now you just have to be careful making it to the bedroom.

2. Book Her A Private Yoga Session

Pamper Her

Though some people equate yoga with heat, sweat and working out, yoga is traditionally considered part of a meditative practice. Yoga has been known to calm the mind and relax the practitioner, but if you have to hop in the car and go through 20 minutes of traffic to get to class it can be anything but peaceful. A private yoga session is something your little yogi will no doubt appreciate.

1. Book Her An Hour-Long Massage

Pamper Her

Nothing is more relaxing than a massage. Having a professional knead away her knots while she rests her eyes can make her feel like she’s in another world. Massages also happen to have proven health benefits. They can lower cortisol levels, increase serotonin, improve sleep, boost immunity, beat PMS and curb headaches. As you can see, presenting her with a massage benefits not just her but you too.






[via AskMen]

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